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Unique Gifts at the Museum Shop

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Serious shoppers know that one of the best places to find a unique item is the shop at an art museum.

So here's a chance to combine your pursuit of the perfect gift with the savvy of our buyers. Make sure no visit to the Museum is complete without stopping by the Museum Shop to see our latest finds.

You won't find our gifts, cards, art books, or jewelry at any shopping mall, and you can be certain that any item you choose will be of the finest quality. Care is taken to ensure that all items we offer have been faithfully produced and skillfully crafted. Two consistent highlights are our one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from local and regional artists and a wide variety of decorative glass items that are updated regularly.

Among items currently on view are a wine gift box that doubles as a wine rack, wallflutter decorations, doodle aprons and your favorite art works turned into puzzles. On your visit you'll see the craziest pens and pencils ever, socks that feature works of art, and a quality selection of ties and scarves just perfect for the discriminating dresser. Be sure to look for the scarves done in a Tiffany Wisteria motif.

When it comes to buying prints of our most famous artworks, they are available for sale online. For everything else, come visit! The Museum Shop is open the same hours as the Museum, Tuesday through Sunday. Special discounts are available for Museum Members.

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